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My work has made me one of the UK’s most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs and a world class mentor to mentors. I have been involved in various industries such as; Online Trading, Finance & Insurance, Retail, Hospitality, Online Digital, Private Doctors, Publishing, Media, Property, Wholesale. Confidentiality, ethics and morals are at the top of my business and life values. I have created a net worth in the tens of millions and still growing, with startups, intermediate and advanced businesses in my portfolio.

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  • £49.99

    Customers keep your business alive, so you need to know how to create them and then keep them. This can be a challenge, if you don’t know some key points. In business, no matter how niche your product is you will have multiple competitors. Just make sure you’re the one that stands out. We will […]

    • 2/0 Student
    • 16 Jul, 2018
  • £44.99

    In this course, we will look into why businesses fail, how to avoid it, how to take control when things are going wrong. We will look into my personal experience of steering the ship in the right direction and how I always make sure I’m making my business perform the best they can be, with […]

    • 0/ Student
    • 5 Jul, 2018
  • £49.99

    When I work on my businesses, I don’t do standard. I make sure they stand out and take them to the next level for innovation. That how you need to look at your business, it’s time to go looking for trouble, diversify your business and know where to invest next. We’ll be looking into how […]

    • 0/ Student
    • 28 Jun, 2018
  • £49.99

    When you’re an entrepreneur, you come up with lots of startup ideas. When it comes to setting up your startup business, you’ll need to have the right mindset and the right attitude. In this video course, I’ll teach you how to develop your business and your mind into the business world. We will be looking […]

    • 0/ Student
    • 28 Jun, 2018

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  • When you can have anything it makes trying everything pointless. Being rich is not about the money it is about the souls desire to live a life
  • You where born to be successful. Your fighting spirit goes way beyond the boundaries of this world. All of your hard work will soon be paid off.
  • No good person just pure self discovery, my vision is limitless my words are calculated the universe inside me hs no limitations and explores all possibilities for all things now and for the future of the human rade


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