“Stop pretending who you are so you will become who you are born to be.”

“Believe in your unique ability to change what you don’t like. You have a power, you have confidence, so all you have to do is to do it”

“You cannot skip moments. You have to meet characters”


My work has made me one of the UK’s most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs and a world class mentor to mentors.

I have been involved in various industries such as; Online Trading, Finance & Insurance, Retail, Hospitality, Online Digital, Private Doctors, Publishing, Media, Property, Wholesale. Confidentiality, ethics and morals are at the top of my business and life values. I have created a net worth in the tens of millions and still growing, with startups, intermediate and advanced businesses in my portfolio.


  • Lyndon was bought on board as a Non Exec-Director around 18 months ago. He has provided clear value in terms of his expertise and experience in building a successful business…….

  • Lyndon’s enthusiasm for business is matched only by his generosity. I was going round in ever decreasing circles in my thinking about how to develop my business and frankly stuck in a bit of a rut…..

  • Lyndon has been mentoring us the past few months with our new business venture & his knowledge and intention to detail is impressive. I would recommend to any who gets the chance to be mentored by Lyndon or even working with him jump at the chance……..

  • Lyndon has been there, is still there & continues to do it. He walks the walk, is humble & continues to inspire me with his business journey. One of those rare people who has tons of wisdom but you’d never see him brag……

  • I researched best mentors / coaches and Lyndon came recommended by several people. When I first met him he was very humble and full of wisdom…….


Our extensive course’s applies to any business all over the world because the principals are exactly the same
no matter what industry or size.




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