‘This Is How I’ll Build My $1B Business’

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By Dan Matthews for Forbes.com

At 18 years-old, living in a car and having dropped out of school at 14, the world must have looked a pretty bleak place for Lyndon Wood. Today, with a business empire worth an estimated $50 million, he’s about to embark on his $1 billion business adventure. Things must look a little different.

Having hit life’s bottom rung as a teenager, Wood managed to land himself a job in insurance on a commission-only basis. After just nine months in the industry and not yet 20, he founded constructaquote.com, a quote-and-buy website for UK business insurance. Today the business has sales of more than $60 million and it spends more on Google GOOGL +1.89% Adwords in a month than most businesses make in a year.

Wood’s approach to business, and the world, is unique….

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