Diary of A Fortune Hunter – Best Buy

Diary of A Fortune Hunter – Best Buy

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This book is broken-down into a 52-week diary planner, covering topics as diverse as getting the most out of social media to dealing with time thieves – those people who   constantly want to steal your time and divert you from your true purpose.

You will learn how to micro segment your business to boost profit, how to grow super fast with hypergrowth and how to get rid of brain invaders and time thieves along with   many more tried and tested formulas for you and your business.

The book is sub-divided into seasons to reflect the journey of an entrepreneur from starting a business (Spring); scaling it (Summer); dealing with problems   (Autumn) and then selling up and realising your fortune (Winter).

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Become a growth focused strategic CEO / Owner

Todays top CEOs and business owners understand the importance of strategic and controlled scaling of their businesses. In my book you will learn 52 tried and tested strategies that will really assist you in your growth aspirations. Easy to execute and they really do work. A no BS approach, just get it done!

What will you learn from this book?

  • 52 Growth strategies for any size business
  • Controlling your randoms to save brain space for what’s important
  • Shrinking to grow. Getting rid of wastage for laser focus
  • Financial impacts and investing inwards by micro segmenting


  • 52 chapters with 52 tried and tested strategies
  • Each chapter has an action page for you to scribble your key thoughts down
  • How to come up with great ideas
  • Getting investment
  • Lessons that I have become to understood.
  • My own failures and why they failed
  • No nonsense approach, keeping it real
  • No theory and all practical guidance
  • Maximising profit for growth
  • Description

    If my experience can help another Fortune Hunter in any small way, I will be delighted.

    “When I started my insurance business at the age of 19, the odds were stacked against me. I had no money, I had left school with no qualifications, I had no real support form my family and didn’t know anything about insurance. Oh, and I was launching smack, bang, into the teeth of a recession. Did this put me off? Not a bit. I just knew I was going to succeed!”

                                       – Lyndon Wood

  • 11 reviews for Diary of A Fortune Hunter – Best Buy

    1. Mr. R. Malhotra

      A Excellent and Honest and Refreshing book from Successful Serial Entrepreneur Lyndon Wood and step by step guide on How to Start Your Own Business and Build and Scale it to a Multi-Million Pound Enterprise.
      Lyndon did it and he overcome obstacles, he was 19 years old, with no money, no assets and he started his small business in the middle of 1990s recession., so there is no excuse for you and with this roadmap or guide you could be well on your way.Think about it in the last 15 years the world of work has changed and technology will change it in the future. The Job for life is no longer available or even viable and if you are in a fulltime job. You have only 1 customer your immediate boss and you could be made redundant or even fired or downsized and outsourced.As hundreds of people have realised neither your employer or the government will take care of you if you decide to work until your retirement.
      Why not take Control of your Destiny and start your own business and make your mark and learn new skills and you will also have a asset you could either leave as a legacy to your loved ones or sell it further down the line and then start another one.This book can help you and it pulls no
      punches and its very direct and blunt at times !!! This is the Age of the Entrepreneur!!! Just Buy It!!!

    2. Hayley

      I’m loving this book. So motivating and easy to read. I just love the fact that you can pick it up, read a quick chapter before bed and then put it down until the next time you get a quick 10 minutes to read another chapter.

    3. BJM

      Really enjoyed the way this was thought out and delivered, quality advice given in a friendly genuine manner.

      Whatever stage of business you are at, you will pick up good things from reading this book and, in a way, get to know the author a little too.

    4. Nick Fox

      What a refreshing change to most other business How To Books. The author is clear, concise and to the point. No BS, no filler, no fluff. He speaks from the heart and from experience. A great guide and reference point for all business owners and those about to embark on the exciting and challenging quest of fortune hunting. A* Recommended.

    5. LittleBudgeKat

      Diary of Fortune Hunter is a truly great book for entrepreneurs at all stages of their quest to reach their fortune. I particularly enjoy this book as it comes from genuine experience and not just theory not practised. Lyndon shares with you his ups and downs and how he celebrated success and climbed over mountains to reach where he is. The book is broken down into stages of your journey, and when I say your journey, Lyndon has written this book so that you can truly picture yourself in these places he talks about. Diary of of a Fortune Hunter is quirky and has a genuine honest approach and makes for not only an enjoyable read but a book certainly to keep for reference as you push through the barriers.

    6. Mike P

      The first thing I must say is that the clue is in the title, if you are looking to set up a micro business ( so called lifestyle business) then overall this book is not for you. That said it does have some very good information within the ‘Spring’ section which is applicable to any type of business.

      One element which does come through is that to be successful you need to put in the hours, this is no get rich quick routine. The seasons themes provides a good route through from start up to sale. This is why it you can dip in at any stage and find some extremely useful information aligned to where your business is right now.

      Lyndon’s enthusiasm for building a business shines through and I can totally relate to the ideas creation and having to write them down! it is a very easy, flowing read something you can either read in one go or pick up and put down again.

      If you are in business or just starting out and have made the decision to sell that business in ‘x’ number of years this is a valuable read. If you want a micro business which remains your then this is probably not for you although the first section does provide excellent food for thought.

    7. Dee Blick

      I have not met the author but after following him on twitter for several months, I was fascinated when he decided to publish a book as to the secrets he would share and what his style would be. Since buying this book I have read it once and am now going back over it again with my highlighter pen and applying the really fantastic, robust and practical advice to my business. Without a doubt this is the best business book I have read to date. Lyndon Wood not only shares a wealth of his business expertise and his quirky approach to business with his readers, he also shares many of the mistakes he has made and this makes the book eminently readable and enjoyable. When I have read other business books published by successful entrepreneurs, I have generally been disappointed because the advice shared has been at a very thin level – pretty much of the ilk “if I can do it then so can you.” By contrast, Lyndon Wood goes into sufficient detail about his approach to business so that you really do have something to stick your teeth into.
      I thought that the layout of the book was great too. Instead of long chapters and tiny typeface you get 52 masterclasses nicely laid out that you can read in 15 minutes, digest and reread again. I have already accelerated two specific improvements that I want to make to my business to the top of my agenda after reading this book.
      The information it contains is so valuable and practical that students of business and marketing would be much better placed to read this over and above the academic tomes they are usually presented with.
      A great, inspiring read whether you are a start-up business or an established business like mine looking for an injection of energy, wisdom and guidance from a real business master!

    8. Auriol

      Lyndon Wood’s pesonality shines out of this book. I loved the mix of business diary and business advice and the business advice is definitely worth having. Common sense and practical the advice is like having the business mentor that Lyndon puts so much emphasis on.

      So many business books have the same advice tripped out and repeated much of it theoretical from people who have not actually done it. I would have liked chapters with links but that’s a minor gripe! If you are in business small or large this is a must read.Ann Brown Summitup

    9. Nikki Brockbank

      I’ve read countless books which claim to have all the answers for small (and not so small) businesses, which rarely live up to the hype created but this book was recommended to me by someone whose opinion I trust and value. I wasn’t disappointed! Lyndon Wood tells it like it is, and certainly doesn’t shy away from telling it like it was on his journey as a Fortune Hunter. What really appealed to me about this book is that Lyndon was not afraid to admit to the mistakes he made on his way to creating his highly successful businesses which is what made this book all the more credible. Written in bite sized chunks of 52 chapters -the idea being that you work your way through one a week and take time to reflect on the content and how it might be useful in your own business (I failed miserably here and devoured the whole book in one session!) and further grouped into “seasons” representing the life-cycle of your business. Packed full of no nonsense advice on how to start, grow, manage and create an exit strategy for your company (of course should you want to) I would recommend this book to any business owner or potential business owner.

    10. Mrs Sara J Ridley

      I stumbled across Lyndon’s book by accident and as he made his fortune in the very town I live in, I was intrigued to find out more. I’ve read a lot of Business books in my time the majority of which are a bit dry.

      Lyndon’s book is the complete opposite very easy – really entertaining yet very informative read. You actually feel like you are having a conversation with the guy!

      I love the way Lyndon doesn’t follow convention, and the way the book is set out it is easy to dip in and out of chapters that are relevant to you at the time. I’ll be reading and re-reading this one for a long time to come.

    11. Henry Hudson

      This book was very interesting to me. It not only gives a glimpse into the life of a real entrepreneur who basically begins his empire from scratch, but also provides a kind of chronology of what you need to do to succeed. Wood is very independent-minded, kind of tough but also fair. I think he wrote this book to look out for people who might get involved in `risky business’ and he wanted to lighten their load.

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  • 52 chapters with 52 tried and tested strategies
  • Each chapter has an action page for you to scribble your key thoughts down
  • How to come up with great ideas
  • Getting investment
  • Lessons that I have become to understood.
  • My own failures and why they failed
  • No nonsense approach, keeping it real
  • No theory and all practical guidance
  • Maximising profit for growth


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