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Lyndon Wood is one of the UK’s most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs and a world class mentor to mentors. Lyndon has been involved in various industries such as; Online Trading, Finance & Insurance, Retail, Hospitality, Private Doctors, Publishing, Media, Property, Wholesale. Confidentiality, ethics and morals are at the top of Lyndon’s business and life values.
Lyndon has created a net worth in the tens of millions and still growing, with startups, intermediate and advanced businesses in his portfolio.

Lyndon setup his first business at the tender age of 19 in August 1990, at the start of the big recession, with zero capital, £14,000 in debt and no qualifications – after leaving school at the age of 14. In a very challenging and highly competitive industry, he took his insurance business and Moorhouse Group to be a UK top 100 insurance broker specialising in the SME market both online and offline. Lyndon still owns 100% of the business today and has grown organically with zero investment.

Lyndon has sat on boards as a non executive director and also advises mentors on mentorship. His investments span many startups and intermediate businesses which include property, retail, manufacturing, online digital, medical, publishing and hospitality. His core strengths are seen by many as a troubleshooter and growth strategist and Lyndon is a very high functioning individual.

“There are the top 1% of individuals who are really good at what they do and Lyndon is 1% of the 1% who has a lazer eye for opportunity and practicality in a business of any type or size” – AC, CEO

Inspiring business owners to take the shackles and restrictions off of their mind-set to encourage maximum growth is what he does, hence Lyndon applies wisdom and philosophy of mind and behaviour economics to all that he does.

Lyndon’s passion is to use his knowledge base, know how and his ability to take a business apart and re-construct it in his mind to assist the growth and strategic vision. Lyndon’s unrivalled passion to assist all businesses and individuals to succeed is admirable and very much needed. His approach is straight talking with no bullshit and will absolutely get you on the right path now and for the long term.

Lyndon has written, Diary of a Fortune Hunter this quirky and unconventional book that is designed to help you succeed in your business based on 52 real scenarios that works for any business. He wrote this book because of his passion to share what he knows and influence others to succeed in business which in turn means you succeed in your personal life too. Actionable know how is so important to Lyndon and adding true value and true meaning is something he stands by.

Lyndon become a household name with the hit TV show “Fortune Hunter” that aired every week on Sky. Fortune Hunter was the UK’s only television series providing specialist advice and bespoke content for business owners.  You can view all of the Fortune Hunter series and more videos with Lyndon’s wisdom and observations here.

Lyndon is also credited as one of the UK’s Top Tech 100 as well as Richtopia’s Top 100 Social Influencers.

Apply to be one of Lyndon’s top 40 businesses this year and be supported through the next 12 months.

Discover more about Lyndon’s journey to success and what being a ‘Fortune Hunter’ really means…


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