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Why Your Business Is Not Growing Fast And How To Solve It

Let me set the scene before I get into this. We have all started with an idea of what we want to do in business, then, we have a vision, and then we launch. Nothing wrong with that, right?We are surrounded by technology and overnight billionaires and have the ability to buy something with one click and even get it the same or very next day. We are in the NOW ...

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The Drive With LyndonX – Digital Marketing

In this video of The Drive, lyndon talks about digital marketing in business based on his years of experience in the sector...

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The Drive With LyndonX – Deploying Capital

In this episode of The Drive, Lyndon shares his thoughts on deploying capital for your business...

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Four Digital Strategies No Small Business Should Ignore

By Lyndon Wood for The Huffington Post Generating leads and bringing in new customers can be difficult when you’re a small operation, and adding the digital world into the mix may be something you’ve tried to avoid. The thing is, an effective digital strategy that includes a wide and complementary range of sales and marketing elements could be the difference ...

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Lyndon Wood On Being A ‘Fortune Hunter’

In this video, Lyndon explains his thoughts on what it really means to be a fortune hunter in business...

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Why You Need to Embrace Risk to See Your Business Grow

By Lyndon Wood for The Huffington Post From the moment you decided to launch your own business, you will have been met by challenges. Challenges are a key part of what an entrepreneur has to face if they want to find that ultimate success and turn their small business idea into an enterprise they can be proud of. There are many challenges around growing any ...

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