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Fortune Hunter Marketing With Jay Abraham

In this episode of Fortune Hunter, Lyndon chats to business executive, conference speaker, and author Jay Abraham on all things Marketing...

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Lets Get Social With Lilach Bullock

In this episode of Fortune Hunter , Lyndon is joined by Social Media Marketing expert Lilach Bullock to discuss all things social...

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The Drive With LyndonX – Digital Marketing

In this video of The Drive, lyndon talks about digital marketing in business based on his years of experience in the sector...

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Why The Obsession With Social Media Needs To Stop

By Lyndon Wood,  originally for The Huffington PostLet’s get to the point then: social media has become so saturated that it is on the brink of implosion. A bit extreme, you may think? But let’s consider it — it is hardly an even playing field for small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.Big brands have big budgets. And they have even bigger ...

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Lyndon Wood And Brad Burton Discuss Being Unique In Business

In this video, Lyndon chats to motivational speaker Brad Burton on the importance of standing out in business...

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Four Digital Strategies No Small Business Should Ignore

By Lyndon Wood for The Huffington Post Generating leads and bringing in new customers can be difficult when you’re a small operation, and adding the digital world into the mix may be something you’ve tried to avoid. The thing is, an effective digital strategy that includes a wide and complementary range of sales and marketing elements could be the difference ...

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