Hypergrowth ..

Apply to be one of Lyndon’s top 40 businesses this year and be supported through the next 12 months.

Is your business stuck in a rut, stagnant and not sure what to do? Need a sounding board but can never find the right person or people?

Here are just some of the components that Lyndon has experienced and learnt to adopt for efficient actionable strategy and daily growth:

– Maximising Profit with little or no capital
– Creating capital for growth
– Leveraging your internal and external assets
– Solving your identity crisis
– Sequencing and Structuring
– Sales growth and execution
– Maximising Distribution Channels
– Growth Strategies and approach
– Presentable Capital Raising
– Business Mindset

All of which are actionable today, tomorrow, next month, forever and will form the basis of your ongoing sustainable business.

Hypergrowth Application

Two or more hours of specific observations,  guidance, support and assistance per month over twelve months and always available for questions when you are at a loss and hit that wall. Lyndon will act as your non executive so business is no longer a lonely place at the top.

This is a much superior form of mentorship, this is a strategic, actionable and sustainable approach that will change you and your business, for today, tomorrow and the future. There is no theory here, no gimmicks, no sales patter, no selling you other services, no ‘bs’ just pure straight talking, up front and honest know how that will set you on a path to growing your business and your approach to it forever.

Accessible at all times to assist and support you when you need it, via one to ones, group sessions, video conferencing, over the phone and even over social media.

All information is strictly private and confidential.

How much will it cost?

£2,000 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours per month. On occasions, Lyndon will also consider a smaller fee plus equity in absence of affordability to assist businesses that have hypergrowth potential.

How will it work? Here is the process in 6 easy steps…

  1.  You apply
  2.  Lyndon interviews and accepts or decline your application
  3. Get to know each other
  4. Lyndon collates a detailed analytical view of your business
  5. You both define objectives
  6. You take action and continue the relationship with Lyndon to grow your business

Still not sure if you need a mentor?

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“All entrepreneurs could benefit from strategic growth advice at one time or another. A knowledgeable and willing advisor offers a plethora of advantages.”  – Lyndon Wood

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