The Book

click Diary of a Fortune Hunter is quirky and unconventional and designed to help you succeed in your business.

opzioni binarie per fare hedging This book is broken-down into a 52-week diary planner, covering topics as diverse as getting the most out of social media to dealing with time thieves – those people who   constantly want to steal your time and divert you from your true purpose.

You will learn how to micro segment your business to boost profit, how to grow super fast with hypergrowth and how to get rid of brain invaders and time thieves along with   many more tried and tested formulas for you and your business.

The book is sub-divided into seasons to reflect the journey of an entrepreneur from starting a business (Spring); scaling it (Summer); dealing with problems   (Autumn) and then selling up and realising your fortune (Winter).

If my experience can help another Fortune Hunter in any small way, I will be delighted.

“When I started my insurance business at the age of 19, the odds were stacked against me. I had no money, I had left school with no qualifications, I had no real support form my family and didn’t know anything about insurance. Oh, and I was launching smack, bang, into the teeth of a recession. Did this put me off? Not a bit. I just knew I was going to succeed!”

                                   – Lyndon Wood